About Us

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The summertime season is when most of the families are planning their holidays. People become active with planning and packing their bags for the journey. Some prefer to plan their vacation themselves while others rely on BayViewWanaka for that. Thousands of visitors every year check out our website when searching for nice resorts and comfortable accommodations. Those who get only short breaks choose to stay in one place while those who get a lengthy holiday and travel with a large family or a bunch of friends or colleagues choose to turn for help to professionals who ca easily arrange a perfect vacation fro them. They feel it comfy and inexpensive at the same time.

People who start searching for holiday accommodation realize that the world has countless interesting places and it is impossible to see them all during one trip. Or this trip will take a very long time. So, they need to turn to us to assist them in choosing the best possible variant of the trip.

Then if a person is accompanied by a huge family or a big company then it may be troublesome and expensive to plan on your own. Also, remember that flight tickets are quite expensive and hotel prices may bite as well. Once you are there, you need to choose excursions and other activities you would like to visit. We will help you with arranging your leisure and booking tickets for everything. Besides, we have some suggestions about hidden places you may be interested in.

If you choose us, we will make sure that your hotel has all facilities you need. You can make your preferred meals in the kitchen  or enjoy a fantastic dinner with your entire friend or family. At nights you can relax in lounge areas with a cup of hot chocolate.

Turn to BayViewWanaka for fantastic holidays!